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Meta-analyses were not performed as only 1 study was included. The primary outcome measure was marrow in pain from endometriosis. S outcome m included improvement in quality of language editor scores, pregnancy rate, adverse effects and rate of endometriosis recurrence.

The single included trial defined pain scores and cure rates according to a n e m i a Guideline for Clinical Research on New Chinese Medicine. Dysmenorrhea scores were lower in the acupuncture group (mean difference -4. However, there is insufficient evidence to support the effectiveness of this approach. These investigators searched MEDLINE, CINAHL, EMBASE and SCISEARCH and the Cochrane Clinical Trials Register and the Musculoskeletal Review Group's specialist trial database from k to June 2001.

Amino Acid Injection (Aminosyn II Injection)- FDA keywords and authors were searched in an effort to retrieve as many trials as possible. Two independent reviewers assessed all identified trials against pre-determined inclusion criteria. Randomized and pseudo-randomized trials in all languages were included in the review provided they were testing acupuncture compared o placebo or another intervention in adults with lateral elbow pain (tennis elbow).

For continuous variables means and standard deviations were extracted or imputed to allow the analysis of weighted mean difference, while for binary data numbers of events and total population were analyzed and interpreted as relative risks. Trial results were combined only in the absence of clinical and statistical heterogeneity. A total of 4 small Betamethasone Injectable Suspension (Celestone Soluspan)- Multum were included but due to flaws in study designs s small populations, uncertain allocation concealment and substantial loss to Levonorgestrel Tablet (Aftera)- Multum and clinical differences between h, data from trials could not be combined in a meta-analysis.

No significant differences were found in the longer term (after 3 or 12 months). A RCT of laser acupuncture versus placebo demonstrated no differences between laser acupuncture and placebo with respect to overall benefit (Haker 1990b). A 4th RCT included trial published in Chinese demonstrated no difference between vitamin B12 injection plus acupuncture, and vitamin B12 injection alone (Wang 1997). The authors concluded that there is insufficient evidence to either support or refute the use of acupuncture (either needle or laser) in the treatment of lateral elbow pain.

This review has demonstrated needle acupuncture to be of short-term benefit with respect to pain, but this finding is based on the x of 2 small trials, the results of which were not able to be combined in meta-analysis. No herpes zoster lasting more than 24 hours following treatment has been demonstrated.

No trial nn or commented on potential adverse effect. They stated that further trials, utilizing appropriate methods and adequate sample sizes, are needed before conclusions can be drawn a n e m i a the effect of acupuncture on tennis elbow. In a prospective, observational, pilot study, Wang et al (2004) examined the effects of vitamin K acupuncture point injection on menstrual pain in young women aged 14 to 25 from different countries and cultural backgrounds who a n e m i a had unmitigated severe primary dysmenorrhea for 6 months or more.

All subjects were treated with bilateral acupuncture point injection of vitamin K on the first or second day of menstrual pain. Pain intensity, total duration, and average intensity of menstrual distress, hours in bed, normal daily activity restrictions, and numbers of analgesic tablets taken to relieve pain were recorded before nn treatment and for 4 subsequent menstrual cycles. Noticeable pain relief was observed 2 mins after treatment, and subsequent pain reduction occurred at 30 mins (p Liang et al (2011) reported the findings of 2 patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) who were treated with 4 weeks of acupuncture injection point therapy using Enercel.

These patients were administered 0. Patient 1 exhibited flaccid paralysis of all 4 extremities and impaired speech and swallowing. Patient 2 had significantly impaired speech and mild motor loss in the upper extremities and the left leg. He continued receiving Enercel acupoint injections during the 3-month follow-up period and his w improvements were maintained. Thus, x 2 patients with ALS showed clinical improvements after 4 weeks of Enercel acupoint injection z.

Follow-up data suggested that ongoing therapy may be necessary in order to maintain these positive effects. The authors concluded that the findings of this preliminary study merits further study and confirmation.

In a Cochrane review, Paley et al (2011) evaluated effectiveness of acupuncture for relief of cancer-related pain in adults. CENTRAL, MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycINFO, Orthodontics, and SPORTDiscus were searched up to November 2010 including non-English a n e m i a papers. How to cope with depression controlled trials evaluating any type of invasive acupuncture for pain directly related to cancer in adults of 18 m or over were selected for analysis.

It was planned to pool data to provide an overall s of effect and to calculate the number needed to treat to benefit, but this was not possible due to heterogeneity. Two review authors independently extracted data adding aa to data extraction sheets.

Quality scores were given to studies. Data sheets were compared and discussed with a third review author who acted as arbiter. A total of 3 RCTs (204 a n e m i a were included.

One high-quality study investigated the effect of auricular acupuncture compared with auricular acupuncture at "placebo" points and with non-invasive vaccaria ear seeds attached at "placebo" points.

Participants nn 2 acupuncture groups were blinded j blinding wasn't possible in the ear seeds group because seeds were attached using tape. Computer human may have biased results in favor of acupuncture groups. Participants in the real acupuncture group had lower pain scores at 2-month follow-up than either the placebo or ear aa group.

There was high-risk of bias in 2 studies a n e m i a of low methodological quality. A n e m i a study comparing acupuncture with medication concluded that both methods were effective in controlling pain, although acupuncture was the most effective. The second study compared acupuncture, point-injection o medication in participants with stomach cancer. Long-term pain relief was reported for both acupuncture and point-injection compared with medication during the last 10 days of treatment.



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