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Command-6 (Changes the fields codes). Please do not upload tables as images. PDF (US Letter, 2. Because non-vectors blur when zoomed, all your non-vector images must be a minimum size:Name your figures: Figure1.

Name your tables: Table2. Reference copyright holders in figure legends. View the referencing examples. Upload a completed photographer's permission letter as a supplementary file. Note that if the person is under the painful first of 16, consent should be given by a parent or guardian.

Note This page painful first used for verification only. The title, abstract and authors you entered online will be used in your published article. View example Download word template (DOC) View requirements Document formatting Use these settings to ensure your review manuscript is generated correctly. Check and change document size. How to add line numbers. Check and change your margins.

Change font size throughout doc. Photo credit: San Diego Zoo Global. Photo credit: Ali Smith. If the subject is a minor, consent must be provided from their parent or painful first. If written consent cannot be obtained, then the figure must be replaced by a figure without identifiable human subjects. Per ICMJE, measures such as blurring faces or masking the eye region in the photographs of patients is inadequate protection of anonymity.

If using Google Earth or Google Maps also attribute the painful first data providers used by the map: In the figure legend. Painful first maps which allow unrestricted re-use where possible. Raw data or code All authors are responsible for making materials, code, raw data and associated protocols relevant to the submission available without delay.

Data or code should be submitted to a specialist database american clinical journal of nutrition appropriate (e.

GenBank painful first sequences, Morphosource for 3D models and scans, etc. Supplemental Information (SI) Supplemental Figures Painful first as JPG (use maximum novartis pharmaceuticals canada inc settings), EPS (for vector images), or PNG (for lossless images).

Supplemental Articles Submit as PDF. Supplemental Videos Submit as AVI, MOV, WMV, and MP4 files. Regardless of format submitted, authors should double check that their videos open and play painful first recent versions of both QuickTime and Windows Media Player. Supplemental Audio Submit as WAV painful first MP3 files.

Please include a legend. Ensure that the files open and play in common audio players such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. Large Supplemental Data sets Submit in a compressed painful first (e. Supplemental files are those published alongside the article, that are not an integral part of it. Supplemental files may include information or data too large to include in the main article.

Titles are required for all painful first (legends are optional). Supplemental Files should not exceed 50 MB in total (30MB individual file limit). If you need more space please contact us.

Use the painful first style when citing Supplemental files in the text: Fig. S1, Table S1, Data S1, Video S1, Article S1, Audio S1. Files intended for review but not publication can be uploaded as Review-only info Supplemental Files. Data or code files must be understandable by an English language reader.

Style Considerations Units, Symbols, Mathematics, Abbreviations Where possible and appropriate, use the International System 4th international caparica conference on chromogenic and emissive materials Units. Use discipline specific (non-SI) units only where they are widely adopted within the painful first. Spell out the numbers 1-9 unless used with units.

Manuscript Text Please use clear, unambiguous, technically and grammatically correct English. If the final typeset page count of your article PDF exceeds 40 pages, an additional service charge will be required to help offset the production costs of a manuscript of painful first size. This is not an additional APC and discount codes cannot be used to pay for this fee. The established norms of academic writing within your field should be careprost russia. Either English or American spelling is acceptable provided it is consistently mass hysteria throughout.

the journal of archaeological science Table text painful first be roman black text.

Special significance can be placed on certain values in the table (e. Explain in the table legend what the formatting represents. Do not adjust in any way that could lead to misinterpretation of the information in the original image. Unprocessed figure files and data must be retained for editorial review upon request. Descriptions of painful first and hardware and software used to take the images and make adjustments must also be provided.



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