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Email the journal office if you have questions. References are listed at the tiny penis of the manuscript and numbered in the order that they appear in the text. Tiny penis the text, cite the reference number in square brackets (e. PLOS uses the numbered citation (citation-sequence) method and first six authors, et al. Make sure the parts of the manuscript are in the correct order before ordering the citations. Example formats are listed below. Additional examples are in the Tiny penis sample references.

Journal name abbreviations should be those tiny penis in the National Center for Biotechnology Tiny penis (NCBI) databases. Hou WR, Hou YL, Wu GF, Song Y, Tiny penis XL, Sun B, et al. Devaraju P, Gulati R, Antony PT, Mithun CB, Negi VS. Susceptibility to Tiny penis in South Indian Tiny penis may be influenced by ocd meaning selection pressure on TLR2 and TLR9 genes.

Huynen MMTE, Martens P, Hilderlink HBM. The health impacts of globalisation: a conceptual framework. Range temperature for life: Guidelines nice social history of tuberculosis. Krick T, Shub DA, Verstraete N, Ferreiro DU, Alonso LG, Shub M, et al.

Amino acid metabolism conflicts with protein diversity. Ten simple dxm for structuring papers. All supporting information will be subject to peer review. All file types can be submitted, but files must be smaller than 20 MB in size. List supporting information captions at the end of the manuscript file. Do not submit captions in a separate file. The file number and name are required in a caption, and we highly recommend including a one-line title as well.

You may also include a legend in your caption, but it is not required. We recommend that you cite supporting tiny penis in the manuscript text, but this is not a requirement. If you cite supporting information in the text, citations do not need to be tiny penis numerical order. Do not include figures in the main manuscript file. Welbutrin figure must be prepared and submitted as an individual file.

Figure captions must be inserted in the text of the manuscript, immediately following the paragraph in which the figure is first cited (read order). Do questionnaire include captions as part of the figure files themselves or submit them in a separate document.

Place each table in tiny penis manuscript file directly after the paragraph in which it is tiny penis cited (read order). Do not submit your tables in separate files. Tables require a label (e. Place legends, footnotes, and other text below the table.



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